Free Varifocal Lenses

Our free varifocal lenses offer looks good at any distance. When you buy glasses from our N30k range or above we'll fit 1.5 Standard varifocal lenses free - usual price N12k. If you choose a more advanced varifocal lens you can still save and smile, with a N12k discount.

Why you may need Varifocals

Presbyopia is a natural part of the ageing process. As we get older, the crystalline lens at the front
of our eye loses elasticity. This makes it harder to focus on things close up, like your reading, and
the eye also struggles to focus quickly between near and distant objects. One way to deal with
presbyopia is to wear varifocal lenses.

Terms and Conditions

Cannot be used with other offers. 
Extra Options available at an additional charge. Subject to suitability.


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