Premium Spectacle Lenses

Vasovi Eye Clinic in partnership with Essilor, the world leader in prescription lenses, offers a wide variety of high quality solutions to suit all your vision needs. From prescription lenses that correct your eyesight to lenses that protect your eyes from harm and discomfort, we have the vision solution you need.
At Vasovi, we understand that everyone is an individual, with their own unique needs, so choose the perfect lenses that suits your lifestyle, age, or activities, from our range of lenses and solutions.

The Making of an Essilor Lens

Essilor Lenses

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Varilux Lenses

Superior vision - Any distance, any situation
We’ve pushed the boundaries to bring you the world’s most advanced progressive lenses.

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Eyezen Lenses

-Relax eyes in front of screens by helping you see more clearly and comfortably regardless of the size of the screens ( even the smaller ones) and the distance from which you look at them.
-Protect your eyes against harmful blue light
-Provide sharp vision all day.

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Crizal Lenses

EXPERIENCE CRIZAL® Lenses for the clearest possible vision.

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Transitions Lenses

Master the light with Transitions® light intelligent lenses.


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